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Because of some difficulty, that is technical and from bordome. The parody will be delayed to the next Friday, in order to make this the funniest Dead space parody out there and contain a soul plot to it the characters and the audience can recognize. I am currently working on the parody and am sorry for the delay, and before i can upload the full length on youtube, i was really disappointed with part one's failure as a comedy and will redo part 1

Dead Space 2 Parody Part 2 Delayed

One night when i was working on the parody, the loading screen took to long, so i exit-ed flash, next day files for Dead space 2 parody could not be found, 8O!!!!!!! WTFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!........Ill remake the video from scratch but from a 6 minute video it will now be a 3 minute video and i will not be following the entire campaign, but bits of pieces to keep the comedy, I have also decided to create a team to share the work with because, solo is F"KN DIFFICULT....
Carmine OUt

Dead Space 2 Parody Delayed!!!!!